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About Brian

Brian is one of the most in demand performers today, Brian studied music at, and has a degree from, the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Brian has performed and recorded with artists: Billy Idol, Foreigner, Whitesnake, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Ozzy Osbourne, WASP, Don Felder, B'Z, Lynch Mob, Vinnie Moore, Michael Schenker, Seether, Velvet Revolver, Zakk Wylde's Pride & Glory, The Dead Daisies, Glenn Hughes, Slash's Snakepit and is also the founder of the popular celebration events, Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered.

Brian's Discography

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Brian is Breaking Down Bonham's legendary tracks complete with videos, hand written charts and extra studies. Check it out.

Merry Tichmas

An Instrumental Xmas CD

Brian has put together a masterfully crafted Instrumental Christmas Cd perfect for your holidays.


New EP

Exciting, soulful, earthy rock songs that tips its hat to classic rock bands of yesteryear while looking firmly to the future. Learn More!


Merry Tichmas CD
$10 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.
Merry Tichmas CD - Outside U.S.A.
$20 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.

Randy Rhoads Remembered
$10 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.
Randy Rhoads Remembered - Outside U.S.A.
$20 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.

$10 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.
Silverthorne - Outside U.S.A.
$20 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.

$10 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.
S.U.N. - Outside U.S.A.
$20 S&H
Name if buying a signed copy.

Tish Sticks
Personalize To:
Tish Sticks - Outside U.S.A.
Personalize To:

Snare - Tom Head
Personalize To:
Snare or Tom Head - Outside U.S.A.
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Recruit Brian


brian tichy Here is your chance to "Recruit Brian" for private lessons (in person or via Skype), record drum or guitar tracks for your projects, or produce your project in his recording studio!

Get drum or guitar tracks, or have your music or band produced by him. You are just one click away from making this a reality.
Email Brian using the link below to recruit him and make sure to include details regarding your interests.


Brian offers lessons for both drums and guitar, in person or via Skype. Whether you are just starting to learn your instrument or have been playing for years, Brian is here to help you reach your goals.


With Brian's in -house recording studio, he can provide you with tracks for your projects. With a wide range of performance styles, great production and recording Brian is available to add rocking tracks to you r projects.


Brian can oversee and manage the sound recording and production of your music. From recording one song to a concept album. Brian can help you gather musical ideas for your project, collaborate with you to select cover tunes or original songs and work with you to improve your songs, lyrics or arrangements.

Get Silverthorne’s EP “Tear The Sky Wide Open” available everywhere now! Featuring Pete Shoulder (Vox / Gtr), Brian Tichy (Drums) and Daniel Spree (Bass)


Tear The Sky Wide Open
Roll Me Back Again
Black River Rising
Haunted By The Dawn
Click album cover to get it!

Silverthorne Media



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Brian thanks Ludwig drums, Paiste cymbals and gongs, Remo heads, L.A.R. sticks and Canopus snare wire for their top notch gear and support! Also find me and these fine companies on Facebook and Twitter.