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The Making of Randy Rhoads Remembered
Friday - Nov 28, 2014 10:01 pm
OK! What are you waiting for!!?? Nothing!   But you can watch some of the making of in these comedic clips  as we do like to have fun and remain stressless whilst recording!

The mighty Phil X stopped by Tish Rock Ranch studios earlier this year to lend his talents to the RRR VOL I record coming out real soon.. (pre order now ... go learn more at Randy Rhoads Remembered on Facebook... this Cd rules!!!!!) Anyhow.. Phil, being the badass he is.. was nailing everything in like one take.. but of course, Tichy, having to act like he is some kind of "producer" tries to ham it up for the cameras and show everyone that he knows what he's talking about .... well... he doesn't.. and ultimately Phil S has had enough !!! We all understand.. there's always "that guy" in the studio that you wish would just keep leaving to bring you coffee so you can get work done.. hahahh!!!! So... thanks Mr. X for coming in and kicking royal ass for RRR Vol I !!!!! - Video Here

Korn's ultra-talented and ultra-sweet drummer Ray Luzier stopped by Tish Rock Ranch studio earlier this year to track drums for the upcoming Randy Rhoads Remembered record. (RRR Vol. I) While he and Tichy go back many years, sometimes Tichy might feel a bit over-comfy in his studio hangs with Ray. Here we see Ray trying to be patient as well the consummate professional, while Tichy, somehow trying to add effect to the clip with a tip of the hat to a sort of "Chris Holmes in the pool with vodka" vibe, tries to act like he knows what the hell he's talking about in the studio. We all hate when there's a know-it-all in the studio and you've already laid the track down just fine.... With that, we all clearly see why Ray is the badass top-dog, in demand , popular drummer that he is!!!! Thanks Ray!  -  Video Here

Chas West, singer for Bonham, The Moby Dicks, Bonzo Bash, Diamond Head, Lynch Mob, 3 Legged Dog, and more, sings the awesome song "No Bone Movies" written by Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads with Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake for the Blizzard Of Ozz record. Chas sang this ditty at the Randy Rhoads Remembered concert on Jan. 25th, 2014. This outtake shows you just what it takes to capture the "sensitivity" and passion in a vocal track!! HAHA! This version is for the record being made as a thanks to all involved in the concert, and of course to the legend Randy Rhoads himself!! The CD is entitled; "Randy Rhoads Remembered: VOL I." The record will featured tons of killer performances mostly by the performers at the show and will also include special guests. This track also features Korn's mighty  "Lightning" Ray Luzier on drums and Brian Tichy on guitar and bass. - Video Here

Rowan Robertson!!! Taking on the mighty Suicide Solution Live '82 Version! In one 8 hour session Rowan came in, got killer tones, compared various mic placement combination with various guitars, improvised and constructed a spotlight solo, learned all the intricacies of this, and ultimately owned this mammoth 15 minute version of this classic Rhoads/Osbourne tune which includes a section entitled "Ode To Tommy!" The kitchen sink is in this one!!! It sucks that all I got was this clip but trust me; wait 'til you hear what Rowan did on this track! Ruling!!! This is a true highlight of the record! - Video Here

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