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Brian Tichy grew up thinking that everybody wanted to play the drums, it's just that not everybody got the chance. But if you did get to own a set, you were a part of the few, the proud. Brian got a set in 4th grade and it was all over from there. He agreed to take private lessons to prove his interest, which unbeknownst to him, would help in the long run. At about the same time, KISS entered his life and took over. It was all about cranking the records up, putting the headphones on, and becoming Peter Criss at Madison Square Garden! Soon after, Led Zep, Nugent, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Sabbath and Rush were discovered. Total middle class metal! Even though drums were the obsession, the power of a heavy guitar riff could not be denied. So he started picking Zep, Sab,+ AC/DC riffs up off his guitar buddies and practiced them on a half-assed acoustic.

Throughout high school, Brian played drums non-stop, but, Goddamn!, listen to these insane guitar players! He started feebly attempting to figure out leads by Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, etc..., immersing himself in the 80's guitar god scene. After, high school, Brian went to Berklee College of Music for 3 years diving deeper into studying drums.

Exposed to jazz, funk, and fusion, he practiced non-stop to "catch up" to where he new his ability should be. He also learned a lot from all the guitar players there. After playing around Boston in various bands, Brian started getting work as a touring, recording drummer. And for the past 11 years, that's what's either kept him alive, or kept him from getting through a day stress free!! Goddamn music business! With the exception of a couple embarrassing and/or shortlived gigs, Brian has either toured or recorded with:

Vinnie Moore, (instrumental gtr. virtoso, and one hell of a guy!)-"Out of Nowhere" CD and US Tour, including. opening for RUSH on the East Coast, 10 dates and Madison Square Garden (a highlight!)

Sass Jordan, (bad-ass bluesy, ballsy femalesinger), "Rats" CD, and Canadian tour, including opening for Santana @ LA Forum.

Andrew Strong, (the Committments singer, another bad-ass singer), recording.

Stevie Salas, (Groovy, funky, Hendrixy, guitar god) Too many Cd's to mention, all have have cool, groovy drums with aggression, go to his site. Toured US, Japan, Europe.

Nickelbag, (Stevie Salas, Carmine Rojas fromBowie and R. Stewart, and Bernard Fowler on ld.vox, his day job is backup singer for a little band you may have heard of called the Rolling Stones.) Toured Japan, US. 2 CD's: Mas Feedback, and 12 Hits and a Bump.

Pride & Glory, (Zakk Wylde, gtr. god from Ozzy's band, original "drink yourself to the bottom of the swamp" band. The bastard son of John Entwhistle, James Lo Menzo on bass. 1 CD. Toured US (Nugent, Skynyrd). Japan, and Europe, (Donington, Aerosmith)

Slash's Snakepit, (G-n-R gtr. hero Slash's band). Toured US (opened 2 VH shows), toured Japan, Europe, (Donington), South America.

Foreigner, don't they have a couple hits? Maybe like 20? 2 Summer US Tours: '98 + '99.

Ozzy Osbourne, Hell yeah!!!!! I got to keep time on the hi-hat while Ozzy sang, "Generals gather in their masses!" A high point. Tour, Ozzfest 2000.

BALL- who? what? You'll know soon. Brian's own band that he fronts on guitar and vox. In '97, Brian started writing seriously with intentions of ultimately not having to look for work, but creating it. And only writing music that he, himself gave a shit about and was excited about. If you like it, listen. If not, please hang up and try again. The other guys in the band, Fingers and Travers, are great friends as well as musicians. 1 CD, "The Grand Human Disaster Scenario" released in Japan, May of '99. New US CD Coming out before Summer, 2001, on Time Bomb Recordings.

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