Breaking Down Bonham

Hello fellow Bonzo Freaks!

In the “Breaking Down Bonham” study course. We are gonna dig deep into the drumming of John Bonham! 

This is for drummers of all levels! No matter how long you’ve been playing, there are always new techniques, approaches and styles to learn from. There’s a plethora of that when it comes to John Bonham!  I’ve decided to give this a go for many reasons;

Since Led Zeppelin I came out in 1969, John Bonham took the rock drumming world by storm and set a new standard! John Bonham is the most influential Drummer in rock n roll! He is the most analyzed. He has been, by far, my favorite drummer since I heard Led Zeppelin as a kid just starting out on drums.

After playing drums now for 42 years, I’ve never stopped listening to John Bonham; so much so that in 2010 I had an idea  called “Bonzo Bash”, where at least 20 drummers get on a Bonham replica drum kit and play their favorite Zeppelin song with The Moby Dicks, the killer house band. Some of the world’s best and most popular drummers have taken part in this celebration event to rock’s greatest drummer, which in itself is a testimony to John Bonham’s mightiness!

There are many forums on many levels, from books, magazines, YouTube videos, chat groups, etc..., where Bonham’s drumming is analyzed and dissected. I’d like to give this subject the full respect it deserves and do my best to cover it as best I can.

Also, in certain live drumming gigs and studio sessions, you don’t always get the chance to play a kit tuned like Bonham’s. I have played this type of kit as much as I can for many years, live and in the studio, and it’s requires a unique approach.

So, this is not only a study program for other like-minded drummers to have someone teach and explain 4 decades of what I’ve put a considerable amount of time into, but also a fun outlet for me to play and explain the style of drumming I am most fond of!

I am not claiming to know everything Bonham has ever played, so I will be digging in deeper than ever before to pick up nuances I may have overlooked over the years! 

Each lesson will include videos of me playing to the track, with and without audio of the original song. Then go into a lengthy, in depth video  lesson on all that went on in the track! This will cover; Bonham kit sizes, tuning, recording techniques, all various grooves in the track, all key fills, and giving my own practice exercises for the grooves and fills, including the much overlooked “linking exercises” on how to actually put it all together fluidly. I will notate most of these exercises too.

I’ll also include my hand written chart i wrote when preparing to play the track, as well as notes I made on what to cover in each lesson. There will also be a time page so you can easily get to various sections of the lesson.

Hopefully this is a well rounded course on how to get closer to understanding and playing in a John Bonham style rather than just being shown a beat or fill without explanation of why it is what it is!

There’s always more going on underneath the surface and a lot of times, that’s not addressed and never focused on enough. I will go as long and as in depth as needed. I will explain clearly and concisely for all levels of drummer! This program is meant to give insight to Bonham’s amazing drumming but also to make you a better drummer overall! John Bonham could play with great force, but was also very sensitive. No matter what, he always swung! His groove is undeniable! 

I will cover all that and more! Once you purchase a lesson, the months you choose will always be available to you, no recurring fees!

Helping you understand the often misinterpreted and misplayed drum intro to Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll", this lesson will give you a complete breakdown of this rock classic, with extra exercises you will be able to incorporate into your own drumming. If you've just purchased this lesson, log in now for access!!

We’re digging into this groovy and muscular track filled with odd times! I go into detail about how to play the main groove, how the intro doesn’t start on beat 1, as well as the often overlooked B section, including the difficult transition back into the main groove! I also talk about the miking and tuning of the kit and how, possibly, this track was slowed down! 

Brian thanks Ludwig drums, Paiste cymbals and gongs, Remo heads, Promark sticks and Canopus snare wire for their top notch gear and support! Also find me and these fine companies on Facebook and Twitter.